Nutrition Course Reviews

Eliza Valenzuela

I couldn't ask for more in an online Nutrition course. Well-thought, prepared and delivered in the best package.

I am very grateful to have taken this course, which will impact not only my lifestyle but my practice in Medicine as well as a doctor.

I am now more confident in counselling my patients toward therapeutic lifestyle changes, in which nutrition plays a big role.

Mark Anthony Vido

Before, I planned to enroll in BS Nutrition and Dietetics to ensure I got the proper/right nutrition (daily) for going vegetarian. Then I found this course online. I asked myself, If I want to save money and time, why not enroll?

Then, I got amazed at how the course was written and structured. You can't skip modules unless you finish your assignments. But don't worry; you will be assigned a tutor who will guide you on your journey. Plus, there's a Facebook group for all students, where you can ask questions from your "classmates"/colleagues, share experiences, etc.

Totally, it was a fun and great learning experience and a great value for money. Thank you, NI! I am excited about what's waiting for me in this industry. Bring it on!

Lisa Ann Tagaloguin

As someone who treats health and wellness as topmost priority, The Nutrition Institute definitely helped me level up my health and wellness journey.

For the past few years since I’ve started this path on holistic nutrition, I’ve learned that having a healthy mind and body also helps us develop healthy and positive relationships with other people (and our finances as well)!

The modules were easy to understand and fun to read. Although some topics were overwhelming for me (particularly Vitamins, Minerals, and Food Labels), they were summarized well in a simple yet comprehensive manner.

Also, shoutout to my mentor, Aliz, who has been very responsive to my questions, and for giving me really great feedback. I appreciate them a lot!

A little backstory – I graduated from college far from this field, having earned a BS in Electronics Engineering degree, and worked in two engineering companies before the pandemic hit. It was during that time that I realized that the profession wasn’t really for me, as it had been giving me a great deal of stress and anxiety for years. The pandemic paved the way for me to start my own kombucha business, which I aim to grow as I adopt a more simple yet healthier lifestyle.

And so, as I end this course, may I be able to bring with me and share with others what I’ve learned in this journey, through my small business and in my future endeavors.

Thank you, The Nutrition Institute!


Dr. Manish Shrestha

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write some words of gratitude. I recently graduated with a diploma in Nutrition from The Nutrition Institute. As I have been looking for an opportunity to acquire knowledge in nutrition, and with this Institute, I believe my skills and wisdom got uplifted.

The Nutrition Institute provided me with the knowledge that I needed to be successful in the field of nutrition. I gained knowledge of proper diet planning, the value of nutrition, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. My instructor, ma’am Aliz Toth has been a true mentor. Her thorough assessment allowed me to gauge what I had learned and made me realize what else I could work on. Communication between my tutor and me has always been smooth.

Being a radiologist, along with my additional education in nutrition, have helped me brush up my knowledge in the science behind correct diet planning. I have also polished my oral and written communication skills via the supporting partner of the Nutrition Institute in the Philippines– Golden Harbour Career Consultancy Corp. or GH Career. Through them, my enrolment was easily facilitated.

At last, I am a highly‐motivated professional, and I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills as a nutritionist at any given opportunity. I look forward to speaking about the course and how this can help other applicants too. Thank you.

Nikki De Guzman

I am glad that I enrolled in the Nutrition Institute.

The modules presented were very in-depth and informative. It gave me a clearer perspective on all aspects of nutrition, especially since this is my first formal introduction to the topic.

Thanks to this program, I am now excited to look for opportunities in this field.

Alma Wendy Yu

The Nutrition Institute has provided me with enough information to make healthy dishes for prospective clients and my family.

The course is at your own pace, so there is no unnecessary pressure to finish quickly.

The tutors respond quickly when you have questions. They provide comprehensive comments in the assignments, ensuring you get more information not found in the modules by forwarding links with additional references.

Emmanuel Nabong Celso

I was surprised by how straightforward and helpful the modules are.

I get to understand a lot of complex subjects in one sitting.

Truly, Nutrition Institute is there for every student. No one is left behind. I appreciate everyone in this community.

Julia Panuncialman

Being a health and fitness enthusiast who lives a healthy lifestyle, I’ve definitely gained a lot of insights and knowledge about nutrition on a whole new spectrum from this nutrition course.

I want to be able to inspire more people around the world because I want to help them improve their eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I want to pursue my career in nutrition, and this course has helped me progress in this journey.

My tutor gave me comprehensive feedback and links that helped me expound my knowledge on the lessons that are included in the modules. I’ll continue to share what I’ve learned with others.

Katrina Jessica Guidotti Stehmeier

I truly enjoyed learning from this course. It made me look at nutrition in another light and gave me so much more insight into holistic nutrition.

It taught me to see the other things that we take for granted in our everyday life, like hydration, and it helped me be more intentional about it. I am truly grateful for what I've learned and look forward to sharing it with the people around me and my future clients. Thank you for this and your support and guidance.

I feel blessed to have taken this course. Thank you!


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